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About us

Women Aware is very proud to have been recognized & awarded by the Human Rights Committee of the ACA* wth Dr. Yegan Pillay Ph.D, Chair of HRC - at the ACA/CCPA** Conference held in Montreal April 2nd, 2016. 
* (American Counselling Association), **(Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association)

WomenAWARE / FemmesAVERTIES was created in 1995 by a small group of women who were survivors of domestic violence themselves.


These women recognized that there was a gap in the long term services provided to victims of domestic violence.


As a result they came together and in conjuction with the  pioneering and progressive *team of the CLSC-NDG -  Women Aware was established.


Women AWARE was created to provide long-term support to victims and to increase the community’s awareness of domestic violence through the voice of surviors, their experiences and testimonies.


Over the past 20 plus years Women AWARE has achieved it’s mission statement through the development of several programs run independently and in conjunction with other organizations.


The creation of Women AWARE reflects the growing commitment of the Montreal community to address domestic abuse and more importantly, not to tolerate it. We  do acknowledge and give thanks to that intial *team who took the unique initative to assist in putting forth the voice of the survivor - now mentors.


Below is an excerpt from the book  “The War on Women” by Canadian writer, editor, producer and director Brian Vallée:

The War on Women" has run longer than all of the conflicts of the last two centuries combined, including the Cold War. Only in the past 25 years has there been any significant movement to end the conflict.


In Canada, the federal government estimates the annual cost of violence against women at $1.1 billion in direct medical costs alone. That figure rises to more than $4 billion a year when social services, lost productivity, lost earnings, and police, court, and prison costs are factored in.


Wars usually produce large numbers of refugees: witness the United Nations camps scattered around the world. And the War on Women has its own refugee camps, in the form of the 2,500 or so shelters for battered women and their children across North America.


Stephen Lewis in his foreword for “The War on Women”, describes the worldwide problem of domestic violence as “its own holocaust” and Vallée says “when you look at the numbers, calling it a ‘war’ on women is accurate and legitimate.”


*Pascale Chevalier – Danielle Sigouin – Jim Olwell

Our logo represents positivity and promise to anyone who has suffered through domestic violence.


Strength and Power – Red

Health and Renewal – Green

Stability and Spirituality – Purple

Hope and Happiness – Yellow

Women deserve to live full and healthy lives, free of all forms of violence against our bodies and our minds.

Our Mission

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