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Our Mission & Vision

WomenAWARE/FemmesAVERTIES is a non-profit, community-based center founded by former victims of domestic violence.

Our mission is to support, inspire and empower as well as prevent and strive to end domestic violence against women,men, youth, and children.


We offer long term support to those living with the dynamics of domestic violence. Support groups, drop in services and court accompaniment are structured to promote a sense of belonging and provide affection, affirmation, and tangible aid.


"We believe that everyone has a right to live in safety and to have a future without fear"!


Webster’s Dictionary defines SAFETY as freedom from danger, injury, or the threat of harm such as a place where one is free of worry from potential harm and it gives as the example of safety — “as safe as you are at home”.


For many of the women who reach out to our services safety is neither a word nor a feeling that is familiar to them and yet we continue to meet and work with incredibly resilient, strong and resourceful women  – not despite their experiences but because of them!


The issue of domestic violence knows no border, it has no boundary. It is not new.


"It is indeed the voice of survivors, their struggles and experiences that guide our work and give meaning to our mission. There is nothing more powerful than the voice of a survivor guiding a victim of domestic violence on the journey from secrecy and silence into the pathway of strength." 


Our vision is that as a person becomes aware of what is available to them and that they are not alone, a clearer picture of a better life takes shape for them and their children so the picture goes from:


  • Silence to Communication

  • Despair to Hope

  • Isolation to Community & a Support Network

  • Fear to courage

  • Shame to pride

  • Victim to survivor

  • Survivor to mentor

“It is in simple gestures—one step at a time—that can help uplift our entire society out of the shadows of indifference and into the shining light of hope, healing and security.”

– Peter Flegel

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