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Community Safety through Support Services   |   
Teen dating abuse and prevention  |  Outreach and education


It happens ​in straight, same sex, bisexual relationships, in any kind of religious or cultural background and in any socio-economic class or neighbourhood. To be made AWARE is to be armed with information that could change the course of your life and/or possibly save the life of you or someone you know! Created by former victims of violence, our vision is to help transform the damanging effects of domestic violence into a more positive future.


Silence to Communication

Despair to Hope

Isolation to Community and Network Support

Fear to Courage

Shame to Pride

Victim to Survivor

Survivor to Mentor

"It is indeed the voice of survivors, their struggles and their experiences that guide our work and give meaning to our mission."




We offer long term support to those living with the dynamics of domestic violence. 


Support groups, drop in services, telephone helpline and court accompaniment are structured to promote a sense of belonging and provide warmth, affirmation, and tangible aid.


Our youth outreach program speaks to prevention and warning signs of abuse while dating. 


We are not a shelter. However, we do act as a liaison, victim advocate, support and networking resource for those in difficulty.


“We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear.”   Nelson Mandela

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