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Outreach, Community

Capacity Building

For many people, domestic violence is often faceless and unspoken, it is hidden and rarely discussed in public. It is quiet in our conversations and that speaks volumes for the continuation of this crime.


Silently and inactively accepting the problem of domestic violence means, in effect, contributing to its quiet acceptance.


We are committed to working to end abuse and violence in the lives of women and their families through empowerment, protection, intervention, advocacy, education guided by the principles of anti-racism and the mobilization of community resources.

AWARE staff, survivors and volunteers continue to educate and reach out to the community about the devastation caused by violence in the home and the social injustices women endure as a result of domestic violence through our public and semi-public workshops and forums.



WomenAWARE continues to receive/ supervise social work, human relations, nursing students as well as high school from the following Institutions: Trafalgar School for Girls, Dawson College, Vanier College, LaSalle College, UQAM, McGill University , Concordia University, University of Victoria, John Abbott College.

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